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Harold Payne is a multi-platinum songwriter and master improviser who creates customized songs on the spot or in advance that are humorous, and engaging and help bring home your themes and messages.


Recap Songs
Songs that are actually created on the spot at your event – about your event. They entertain your audience, reinforce your speakers’ messages and summarize, in song, your event or conference.


Custom Songs
Songs are created in advance to celebrate, inform and provide a pinnacle moment for your event or conference. These songs also serve as a memento of your event.


Theme Songs
Songs created in advance to carry home your conference theme or mission statement. These normally have a sing-a-long chorus that all can join in on.


Recap improv at 2012 NSA speakers convention

TEDx Preparing for Spontaneity

 Contagious Optimism



“Harold Payne offers something that is truly unique…  He reinforces the messages & summarizes the most important points and tattoos them onto the brain of the audience.”

W. Mitchell NSA Hall of Fame Speaker  W.Mitchell Video Testimonial


“I was looking for unusual ways to make my convention memorable and exciting.  Harold Payne summarized each main stage presentation with improvised songs and stunned our members with his brilliance. He also gifted each speaker with a recorded customized song. He makes meeting planners look like rock stars.”

Patrick Henry, NSA Convention Chair 2012


“Harold Payne is Genius & you will be blessed by his gift.”  

Willie Jolly, NSA Hall of Fame speaker & radio host Willie JollyVideo Testimonial


Audio Samples

Custom Songs Created for NSA Main Stage Speakers

Dan Thurmon

Vernice “Fly Girl” Armour

Jeanne Robertson

Sally Hogshead

Peter Sheahan



TRIBUTE SONG for company owner


VENDORS tribute song


CUSTOM SONG tribute to security company